Innovative communication solution for data transfer from the field.

Why transmit in video streams?

Do you need to transfer data on the move, anywhere in the world?

Are you concerned about using public networks because of the misuse of transferred data?

Do you need a connection in places where there is no fixed data connection?


Even in today’s modern age, it is still problematic to transmit larger data streams from end devices such as cameras and streaming devices when they are out of range of fixed networks or local Wi-Fi networks. In the case of uploading large data files, these are very time-consuming issues. Thanks to the innovative 4mulcom NG device, this problem is a thing of the past. With this device, the data stream is transmitted primarily via the 4G/5G mobile network and in the event of a failure of the mobile network, the connection is switched without delay to the Starlink satellite internet connection. When the LTE signal is restored, the mobile connection is reactivated and data is transmitted without interruption at all times. You can thus comfortably use the features of a fixed connection anywhere. Thanks to the use of a VPN in the communication path, the transmitted data will be completely secure. In addition, it is impossible to eavesdrop on the communication or to reconstruct it in any way.



Transmission of high-resolution images from security cameras or vehicles, for video conferences.


Video surveillance, alarm communication, traffic control, portable cameras.


Internet in vehicles and image transmission from vehicles.


SCADA, Telemetry, remote monitoring and control of equipment, data collection.

Bark beetle calamity

Bark beetle rages in the woods and it is necessary to harvest uninfected trees very quickly. The wood is temporarily stored in piles directly in the forest where it can be very easily stolen. How to protect the harvest? 4Mulcom NG technology can be used as a support for camera security system in these hard-to-reach locations to ensure quality and stable video transmission.

Transportation Construction Sites

Repairing a bridge that is several kilometers away from the nearest village can carry many risks. It is necessary, for example, to monitor the safety of passing vehicles by means of camera systems. How to ensure the installation of cameras in a remote location? With 4Mulcom NG technology, stable and fast signal transmission from the cameras can be ensured at any time so that there are no outages.

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